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Follow the Evidence


Follow The Evidence, wherever it leads...

“The past is filled with incredible mysteries; the clues to solving them all around; hidden in plain sight. But these stories begin with some of the most famous vanishings in history."

Join attorney Jennifer Taylor and investigator Chris Williamson as they re-open some of the biggest disappearance cases in all of history.

Chasing clues, witnesses and new information Jennifer and Chris will take you on the ride of a lifetime and uncover new evidence in some of the biggest historical cold cases ever; some of which the world won't be ready to believe.

"Vanished" is a ChrisEvan Films production, and part of the Straight Up Strange podcast network.

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   The Show

Chris has made a life out of researching mysteries. In fact, his love of mysteries started in 3rd grade when he chose Amelia Earhart for a project. His love of history and research and great mysteries began. He’s out to find the truth and digs far and wide to uncover the evidence wherever it points.


Jennifer is a real-life, accomplished criminal defense attorney with a love for the power of podcasts. Jennifer believes that preparation, attention to detail, and work ethic are the keys to winning a case Together they have created a chamber where they bring forth evidence and use the rule of law to determine if the evidence is real.


In Vanished you can expect to ride along on a “live investigation” of the world’s most notorious mysteries and then sit in the jury box to decide if what you’ve heard is real, false or just a legend. They implement a modern-day investigative technique that brings each season into a courtroom and before our listening jury.


The question they pose in each episode is “What evidence convinces you?”



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Podcast Creator & Co-Host

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Podcast Co-Host